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Mission Statement: Dawn Spears' intend is to add to America’s history not subtract from America's history known by the majority of American's and the world.


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Barack Obama 2012 Time Magazine Person of the Year


                                                                     Inca Coon Chicken Inn cup and saucer


Josephine Baker automation doll

Josephine Baker extremely rare Art Deco Italian Automation Music hall doll.The stage is marked Stemag"; Brevettao No. 3976; Stefano Magiani- C. Torino. "Circa 1930s.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America! The 2008 election demonstrated how far the great Nation of America has come since slavery and the Jim Crow eras.

During the Jim Crow era, Coon Chicken Inn restaurants were located in the states of
Oregon, Utah, and Washington. In 1925, Maxon Lester Graham and Adelaide Burt opened one of three Coon's Chicken Inn restaurants. The restaurants remained opened and prospered until the late 1950’s. Around the time Coon Chicken Inn restaurants were closing, Aunt Jemima restaurant opened its doors in Disneyland several more Aunt Jemima restaurants opened across America. Aunt Jemima's trademark was a black lady who wore a gingham scarf with a matching gingham apron along with an over sized smile; Coon Chicken Inn's logo was a grinning black bellhop. To enter Coon Chicken Inn restaurants you walked through the bellhop's face and his grinning pearly white teeth. In Aunt Jemima and Coon Chicken Inn restaurants, black men and women employees portrayed the mammy and bellhop images, smiling was a part of the portrayal. The restaurants had utensils, china, glasses, and matches, as well as other items throughout the restaurants with these images.. Aunt Jemima and Coon Chicken Inn trademark’s are just a few Jim Crow and Reconstruction images of black folks in their place in society. More restaurants like these existed, locating restaurant's like Aunt Jemima and Coon Chicken Inn restaurants is another reason collecting Black American artifacts can become a knowledge builder.

York, George Washington Carver, Crispus Attucks and Louis Armstrong are positive individuals whose images are displayed on liquor decanters. Black American's positive images on containers whose contents brought and still brings havoc to black communities does nothing to uplift the Black race or spread the contributions of the Black American's in the building America. It is highly unlikely that a black child is going to pick up a liquor bottle to learn something positive about their legacy. Most people are familiar with everyone mentioned except
York. York was Clark's slave who traveled with Lewis and Clark across America's West. York is one example of a black person whom you more than likely will not read about in most history books. If the complete history of the expedition were written in modern day history books York would be mentioned because York played a major role in the expedition. Nationally, the achievements of Lewis and Clark, and Sacagawea, have been honored. Lewis and Clark have been honored several times, most recently by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Sacagawea was recently honored when her imaged was used by the United States Mint for the gold dollar. York was not mentioned at any of the most recent ceremonies. Montana has honored York several times; a statue in Great Falls, Montana honors Lewis, Clark, York and Seaman, Lewis' dog. Lewis and Clark are standing York is kneeling next to Seaman. On October 14, 2003 in Louisville Kentucky, the dedication of York's newest statue was revealed . If you want to know, more visit Ed Hamilton's web page: After decades, York is beginning to get the historical acknowledgment and respect he deserves!

Until Black American's as a race respect, trust and love themselves, in all forums other cultures will continue disrespecting Black people as an ethnic group. The complete history of
America must be told so new arrivals to America will understand the plight of most Black Americans, who are still reaching for the American dream. Especially when some of the new arrivals accomplish their dreams more rapidly and with far less difficulty in comparison to Black Americans who were born here and their ancestors fought, invented, built and died in America for centuries.

Black Americans loved and still loves the country they helped build. Black American’s have proven over and over their love for
America both during wars and during peace. Black Americans have earned their merits, therefore American historians need to write the correct and complete history of African Americans contributions and plights in the building of today's America.

President Barack Obama is one Black man who cannot get loss in history. The 2008 election may become the catalyst for a welcome change in the way
America's history is written.