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Copy of original New York Mirror article dated June 19, 1841


T.D. Rice as Jim Crow Staffordshire figure circa 1836



                      Greyhound retraction toy bus, a black man is seated at the back of the bus.
                      In 2007 the piece was loaned out to the History San Jose Museum in San Jose, CA


"Nigger Head Rock" souvenir plate from Pennington Gap, Virginia. The rock was name “Nigger Head Rock”
because there appears to be a silhouette of black man's head carved in the rock. You can see the image
on the upper right hand side of the plate. The rock'sname was was changed to "Great Stone Face in the 1970's." 


Jim Crow Army tag
Gifted to
Smithsonian's National Museum
of African American History and Culture in June 2011.


Game is played by throwing a ball through the mouths of the three caricature’s boys.
Person with the most points at the end of the game wins.



                                             Lazy Man's Polish by C.F. Lusk Co. of Cleveland Ohio USA


Union made 1945-1947 Nat'l Negro Congress pin back. To learn more visit Button was gifted to Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in June 2011.


P.P. Johnson traveled throughout America in the late 1800’s and
collected souvenirs. See adjacent box for his descriptions of the souvenirs he collected.


Adjacent black doll sitting next to box was the only doll in the box which leaves one to believe
P.P. Johnson felt that he had collected himself a Little "Nigga" from Florida.

To listen to “Move Them Niggers North” click on Move Them North below. This recording is one of many racist songs recorded by Johnny Rebel.  See adjacent picture of record.

Move Them North



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