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Mission Statement: Dawn Spears' intend is to add to America’s history not subtract from America's history known by the majority of American's and the world.


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When teaching racial tolerance derogatory pieces from the past where black people were described using all variations of the word nigger should be used as teaching tools. Today's generation is more likely to learn through visuals, for this reason seeing the artifacts with their own eyes usually does more than words ever will. In the past, there were many items called nigger or nigger was part of the name. Many forms of the"word" appeared around the world on household products, food, toys, games and a refreshment grandstand. Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, had a grandstand called E. S. "Nigger" Brown Stand” named for a famouswhite [footballer] Edward Stanley Brown.

E. S. Nigger Brown Stand stood until the stand was demolished when the stand became a public hazard. E.S. Nigger Brown Stand will not return.  Brown was known to have used the color Nigger Brown, see above picture, to polish his shoes. Kiwi changed the name on the can to Dark Tan when nigger became politically incorrect. Dark Tan is still sold instores today. In 2002 a lawsuit was brought before one of Australia’s highest courts to have the named changed. The judge who heard the case ruled the stand's name could remain and was not offensive. In 2003,, the United Nations ruled the grandstand's name should be changed. Australia’s Commonwealth ignored the United Nations ruling. 
E. S. Brown will be honored when the new stand is built. How E.S. Brown is honored is now the question?

Parker Brothers game, Ten Little Niggers is played like Old Maid. Parker Brothers is one of many companies still conducting business who used nigger and other uncomplimentary racial epithets to promote products.Sahara an England company called their prunes Nigger Dates. A tobacco company shortened the word on their tobacco plug to Nig. Nigga Midget Repair Kit, example above, is bicycle tire patches, repair kit. The County Chemical Company LTD also marketed Nigga Chalk and other products using the native's image and the same ugly word. “The County Chemical Company LTD” is an England based corporation whose doors are still open for business. One of the most offensive games incorporating the word nigger with black people’s images is, Five Little Niggers. Five Little Niggers is a child's target game, the object of the game is to shootdown the black children with a rubber band gun. There are points behind each child, the child with the most points at the end of the game wins!

What came first the ugly word became politically incorrect or companies continued to use the degrading word on their products until their CEO or someone with some power got a conscience?  Author's thought the word nigger was eliminated in order for companies to remain politically correct and make profits. Some individuals view these humiliating nigger images on everyday products decide to eliminate the degrading word from their vocabulary. The idea of a person eliminating the word from their vocabulary is the reason the site owner collected the gamut where the ugly word was used and in some cases still used.