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Mission Statement: Dawn Spears' intend is to add to America’s history not subtract from America's history known by the majority of American's and the world.


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Nigger Jug


When teaching racial tolerance, derogatory pieces from the past when black people were described using all variations of the word nigger can and should be used as teaching tools. Today's generation is more likely to learn from visuals. For this reason, seeing artifacts for themselves usually does more than words ever will. In the past, many items called nigger or nigger was part of word was not uncommon. The "word" appeared around the world on household products, food, toys, games, and a refreshment grandstand. Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, had a grandstand called E. S. "Nigger" Brown Stand”, named for a famous white [footballer] Edward Stanley Brown. In 2002, a lawsuit was brought before one of Australia’s highest courts to have the named changed. The judge who heard the case ruled the stand's name could remain, it was not offensive. Then in 2003,, the United Nations ruled the grandstand's name should be changed. Australia’s Commonwealth ignored the United Nations ruling.  When the stand became a public hazard, E. S. Nigger Brown Stand was demolished. E.S. Nigger Brown Stand will not return. In 2009 The Toowomba Sports Ground Inc. agreed not to use "Nigger Brown" in any new tribute's.